Potential Fantasy Stud of the Day #4

Browns vs. Eagles

Michael Vick

This one is probably going to spark some furious debate or cost me all of my readers in one shot. The second stud of the day is non other than Philadelphia Eagles QB, Michael Vick. I’m sure the tear Mr. Vick went on back in 2010 is fairly fresh on everyone’s mind. Call it a fluke, call it lack of game planing on the part of defenses, call it whatever you’d like. Fact of the matter is, it happened. And it was almost unprecedented.  Since then his track record is less than stellar. Last year was a trainwreck year for Vick. He was once again plagued by injury and an awful turnover ratio and by the end of the season  was relegated to playing second fiddle for Nick Foles. Why would I put my stamp of approval on a guy who hasn’t even been given #1 QB status? Chip Kelly is why.

Let us speculate that Chip Kelly is what everyone says he is.  A master game planner, offensive genius, and a proponent of ridiculous uniforms. Should the stars align we will not only see the Eagles in neon green by next fall but Michael VIck will have had a hell of a fantasy year. More than worth a late round pick and/or supplement to your dynasty roster. you heard it here first, guy!

Thanks for your time today and tomorrow I’ll spit some more fantasy truth for y’all.

as always with love from your favorite blogger