Damn Good Plays for Week 1 – pt.1

It’s finally here. This evening the NFL kicks off the 2013 season. Super Bowl Champion Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens will brave the altitude when they take on Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos in a Thursday night match up on NBC. Stoked? We sure as hell are. And to help you guys out we have our inaugural batch of Damn Good Picks for week 1.

1. Matt Ryan
This is almost a no brainer. The New Orleans Saints had one of the worst defenses in the NFL last year. While you almost have to expect some improvement there’s just no reason to assume that this won’t be a glorified training camp session for Matty Ice and his weapons on the outside. Luckily the Drew Breese led Saints offense should remain prolific enough to keep the game close. Expect a shoot out. – Wes

2. Alfred Morris
If preseason gave us any clue to how the Eagles defense will perform, Alfred Morris is set to have a hell of a game Monday night. Shit, play Roy Helu too. A little Royster in the flex probably isn’t the most insane thing ever suggested either. – Wes

The Damn Decent Dark Horses

Mike Vick and Desean Jackson
The Chip Kelly experiment finally has its first subject on Monday night. This is a straight gut pick that will either prove genius or a complete failure for which my head will be sought. But there’s a certain mystique surrounding Philadelphia right and if the Redskins can’t adjust to the Eagles assault they should put up some big numbers.

Make sure you guys come back later this weekend when our good friend and food porn expert, Kent, weighs in on his picks and insight for week 1.


One thought on “Damn Good Plays for Week 1 – pt.1

  1. Some other no brainers while you are at it
    T.Y. Hilton and Reggie Wayne of the colts have a dream matchup against the raiders in the opener.

    Also a sneaky play if you need one would be Ben Tate. I know Arian is going to start but coming of his back injury are you really going to risk wearing him out on the aweful chargers week 1. Look for Ben Tate to come in and steal a lot of late game garbage time and maybe even a score or two.

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