Damn Good Plays for Week 1 – pt.2

After Thursday all I have to say is, “Wow.” Peyton Manning put on a show for the ages as he carved up the Baltimore Ravens for 462 yards and a record tying seven touchdowns. It was as dominating a performance that you’ll ever see. Those facing #18 in their week 1 match up are probably hanging on by a thread and if he happened to be coupled with a receiver that wasn’t Eric Decker they’re probably hitting the drawing board t for next week.

Owners expecting the decline of Wes Welker were in for a rude awakening as he continues to be a PPR stud. Catching nine passes for 65 yards and two touchdowns. What can we we say about this guy other than he continues to be a huge threat out of the slot, finding ways to get open early and often. While it’s still early, if you’re one of the many wifi GMs who took a pass on Welker this time around it might not be too soon to start kicking yourself.

Damarius Thomas and Julius Thomas stole the show with their huge games. Expect the latter to be a huge waver pickup come week 2.

But enough of the stuff you already know. Let’s get to the picks.

1. The Colts, all of them

It’s a little tongue in cheek, and the Raiders defense probably won’t be as bad as people expect, but if there was ever a game to take T.Y. Hilton or Andrew Luck for a test drive this would be it. I’m a a little leary of the running back situation between Ahmad Bradshaw and Vick Ballard but one of them is bound to have a breakout game. I’d go with youth in this circumstance.

2. Golden Tate

In the absence of Percy Harvin, it seems Mr. Tate has been handed the #1 receiver title. Which is great news for owners. Even better news for those in return-yardage leagues is that he’ll be getting the first shot at returning punts this season. While the Panthers defense has some heavy hitters in their midst I have serious doubts about their ability to stop the read option threat the Seahawks present.

Danny Amendola

I expect Amendola to pick up right where Wes Welker left off. If anyone can make this guy into a superstar it’s Tom Brady. He’ll get an ample amount of targets and find the endzone at least once in this match-up, guaranteed. Bonafide PPR beast.

Well that’s all for our double edition of our Damn Good Plays for week 1. Please take the time to comment and share any thoughts and opinions you may have whether it be here, on Facebook, as well as Twitter! As always thank you for your readership and best of luck to all of you tomorrow afternoon!




Damn Good Plays for Week 1 – pt.1

It’s finally here. This evening the NFL kicks off the 2013 season. Super Bowl Champion Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens will brave the altitude when they take on Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos in a Thursday night match up on NBC. Stoked? We sure as hell are. And to help you guys out we have our inaugural batch of Damn Good Picks for week 1.

1. Matt Ryan
This is almost a no brainer. The New Orleans Saints had one of the worst defenses in the NFL last year. While you almost have to expect some improvement there’s just no reason to assume that this won’t be a glorified training camp session for Matty Ice and his weapons on the outside. Luckily the Drew Breese led Saints offense should remain prolific enough to keep the game close. Expect a shoot out. – Wes

2. Alfred Morris
If preseason gave us any clue to how the Eagles defense will perform, Alfred Morris is set to have a hell of a game Monday night. Shit, play Roy Helu too. A little Royster in the flex probably isn’t the most insane thing ever suggested either. – Wes

The Damn Decent Dark Horses

Mike Vick and Desean Jackson
The Chip Kelly experiment finally has its first subject on Monday night. This is a straight gut pick that will either prove genius or a complete failure for which my head will be sought. But there’s a certain mystique surrounding Philadelphia right and if the Redskins can’t adjust to the Eagles assault they should put up some big numbers.

Make sure you guys come back later this weekend when our good friend and food porn expert, Kent, weighs in on his picks and insight for week 1.

Out with the old

Around this time last year our league manager and TND contributor,
Kent, brought up the idea of starting a dynasty league. Nine keepers, PPR scoring, return yards, etc. I had always been intrigued by the dynasty format and was very much in favor of the idea. It’s made up of a core group of people from our area who have been managing teams for years. While some are more proficient than others it’s inaugural season was fairly comparative. I had the honor of participating in the first ever Botdorf-Hill bowl (don’t ask. I’ll explain sometime) and got the thrashing of a lifetime. Seriously, I lost by almost 80 pts.
Two Sundays ago our first keeper draft took place in the familiar confines of the ESPN draft center.

QB: Matt Ryan
QB: Andrew Luck
RB: Marshawn Lynch
WR: Percy Harvin
WR: Randall Cobb
WR: Pierre Garcon
WR: Stevie Johnson
WR: Wes Welker
Def: Seattle

So there’s no confusion in regards to the strategy our league follows the one QB, two RB, two WR, one TE, flex, special teams, and kicker format. The only non keeper of note that I was forced to cut ties with was Fred Jackson.
The decline of the aforementioned running back is what led to my first issue. The gaping hole in my RB 2 slot. I’m not even going to try to defend the keeping of the Seahawks defense but it’s admittedly borderline bush league. But I digress. I watched in horror as every RB I had targeted fell of the board one by one.
I ended up taking DeAngelo Williams with my first pick, which isn’t the worst pick in the world but beggars can’t be choosers when the season is on the line . Even with Cam Newton hawking an assload of touchdowns Williams still had enough upside that I can live with the pick.
Things got a little hairy in the later rounds. The halfback pool is about as shallow can be after the top 8 or 9. It’s astounding. I pieced together a decent running back corps from what was left (it’s also worth nothing I was not able to draft a WR or QB.) A reasonable selection of Vick Ballard, a high risk probably low reward risk in Ronnie Hillman, and pray and hope for production grab with Bernard Pierce.
Somewhere in the middle of that mess Jermichael Finley was also added. Sure to be an upgrade
over Gates, who was abysmal at time last year. Round it all off with a few post draft waver picks and the first dynasty draft was completed.
It’s going to be a hell of season. Finding a running back at some point during the season almost has to be a priority. Having Percy Harvin land on the IR is a huge blow that will no longer allow me to hide the holes in that position, though trade partners are scarce in a league as competitive as this one but due diligence and all that crap.
Lastly, we’re currently working on many improvements to our site as well as the podcast that will hopefully see the light of day before the end of the season. We’re lazy, we drink to much, we suck. We’d also like to do some giveaways so keep an eye out for that.
As always thank you for your readership and open a cold one for another year of agony and tears.

Your favorite blogger with love always

Potential Fantasy Stud of the Day #5

Vick Ballard


Honestly, I’ve been having a really difficult time finding a running back that I’m willing to endorse as a potential stud. With the pass first mentality of the modern NFL it’s becoming ever more challenging to judge a RB’s value. But after some serious internal debate about even including a running back in this feature I’ve finally found my guy.

The same reason I have a slight reservation about T.Y. Hilton is also why I’m endorsing Vick Ballard. The Colts will more than likely run a more balanced attack than they did last year. Giving Ballard more opportunities  and hopefully ,for the sake of this article, a great fantasy year.

Potential Fantasy Stud of the Day #4

Browns vs. Eagles

Michael Vick

This one is probably going to spark some furious debate or cost me all of my readers in one shot. The second stud of the day is non other than Philadelphia Eagles QB, Michael Vick. I’m sure the tear Mr. Vick went on back in 2010 is fairly fresh on everyone’s mind. Call it a fluke, call it lack of game planing on the part of defenses, call it whatever you’d like. Fact of the matter is, it happened. And it was almost unprecedented.  Since then his track record is less than stellar. Last year was a trainwreck year for Vick. He was once again plagued by injury and an awful turnover ratio and by the end of the season  was relegated to playing second fiddle for Nick Foles. Why would I put my stamp of approval on a guy who hasn’t even been given #1 QB status? Chip Kelly is why.

Let us speculate that Chip Kelly is what everyone says he is.  A master game planner, offensive genius, and a proponent of ridiculous uniforms. Should the stars align we will not only see the Eagles in neon green by next fall but Michael VIck will have had a hell of a fantasy year. More than worth a late round pick and/or supplement to your dynasty roster. you heard it here first, guy!

Thanks for your time today and tomorrow I’ll spit some more fantasy truth for y’all.

as always with love from your favorite blogger


Potential Fantasy Stud of the Day #3

T.Y. Hilton, Coty Sensabaugh


T.Y. Hilton

At the behest of my friend Kent and soon to be member of the The New Damn Fantasy Football family, my next P.S.O.T.D. is Indianapolis Colts Wide Receiver  T.Y. Hilton. I wasn’t sure whether or not I bought into this idea that Hilton had anything more than a fluke year but after taking a look at his numbers from last year I can say with a reasonable amount of confidence that this guy will be big for owners next. Hilton was fairly consistent last year, averaging almost 12 pts. a game in PPR leagues. Which included some huge numbers. Specifically a 28 pt game against the New England Patriots.

But here’s the catch.  Bruce Arians, the mastermind behind the offense for the majority of the season, is gone. what change this brings to the offense is yet to be seen but I’d count on a more balanced approach compared to the pass first logic that Arians employed. Still, even if Hilton takes a step back he’s more than likely better than most #2 wide receivers out there and deserves some consideration come draft day.

as promised you’ll get another dose of fantasy stud action later today. I’m just that nice of a guy.


No Fantasy Stud of the Day, today…probably.

Terrell Owens

I suck.  But it’s carnival season and it’s time to eat some cheap, but incredibly unhealthy, food. The round of golf I played today doesn’t help matters(where are my priorities?).  But I PROMISE if it’s not up today, I’ll do a double header tomorrow for you guys.

With love from your favorite blogger,